refrattati generali

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REFRATTARI GENERALI SRL is a Company founded  1984 by a group of technicians and commercials coming from  important companies   of Refractory Insulating Field.

The experience, technical capabilities, combined with deep knowledge of the market, allowed  REFRATTARI GENERALI SRL a regular and continuous growth.

Now REFRATTARI GENERALI SRL is one of the most important Companies in the specific field.

Thanks to our partnership with biggest  refractory material’s manufactures we are able to offer our customers the most important  refractory and insulating products for specific requests, including both full refractory lining and finished product including all installation  phases

We can offer “turn on keys“ plants through our Wholly Owned Subsidiary

We can also  provide  site planning and inspections services ,project execution, thermal  computing, selection components support, components deliver cooperating with primary manufacturer companies.